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Publisher's description

The program translator Dicter always helps to complete the transaction in a single click of mouse from any application Windows. You can also listen the translated text or copy it to clipboard. The incredible ease of use make it indispensable for almost any user Windows.
It's FREE and very useable: Dicter online translation software is totally free, just select and mark the text and press the key combination that is "always at hand" - CTRL ALT.
Or select, mark and click on Dicter software icon once.
It's comfortable: one click is enough to translate anything you need in any windows application, what if you suddenly don't know what language is used in the text? "Language auto-detect" option will help you to deal with that.
It's functional: translate anything you need to over 40 languages, we bet, you will like the result - we use Google Translate API as a translator.
It's effective: you get your translation in pop-up window in 2-4 seconds, you don't need to download and install huge vocabulary data bases

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    Sean Harry Last year

    It's the best by far, with it many functions, the fastest & easiest translator I've worked with so for, people often ask me how long I've known the language being translated.

  • 0
    Aleksandar Dragičević Last year

    Why it is so hard to download and install Dicter?

    • 0
      David Carpenter Last year

      Dear Aleksandar, please follow this link to direct download of the software, if you are having trouble.

  • 1
    Guest 5 years ago

    It's very useful for me.

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