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An easy to use translator with a built-in text reading tool
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Translator Dicter is an easy-to-use program developed by ITVA, and it is used for translating both simple and complex texts. The translation process is done with a simple click on the "translate" button, but the users have to input the text they want to translate. The tool comes in two modes: simple mode and advanced mode but I personally find the advanced mode more useful, because it provides two tabs; the first tab is used for the input of the text, while the second one shows the translation of the text.
The piece of software provides support for 62 languages for both input and translation. One of the key features of the tool is the "listen text" option provided, which is proven to be a very accurate tool and can be used for learning a new language too. Also, the "copy to clipboard" option may come in handy when working on a large text, as it copies all the text in a box with a simple click; that saves the users some time, time they would normally spend on selecting the text.
All this being taken into consideration, you should give Translator Dicter a try; it is free, has a user-friendly interface, it provides an accurate "reading text" tool and it provides support for 62 languages.

Dave Hattey
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  • Accurate text reading tool provided
  • Multilingual support
  • User-friendly interface


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