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Google Translate is the most popular web service that allows translating a word or an entire text from one language to another. It is not only highly-appreciated and widely-used, but also free. Its only inconvenience would be the fact that it’s an online tool and you have to use a web browser in order to access it. Translator Dicter solves this problem. You will no longer need to open a page in your web browser every time you want to use Google Translate.

Translator Dicter supports the three features of Google Translate that matter the most in my opinion: the large number of supported languages, the language auto-detection function and the possibility of listening to the translated text. It also comes with additional features, the most remarkable to me being the capability of translating a text from any Windows applications with just the press of a key combination. You can configure this key combination to any keys you prefer. It can also copy translated texts to the clipboard.

I would have appreciated if the interface was customizable. Happily, it’s stylish enough as it is. It’s also simple and neat.

In conclusion, Translator Dicter is a nice tool that makes translating any text a fast and simple task.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Can quickly translate any text from any application
  • Has a stylish, good-looking interface
  • Lets you listen to the translated text


  • The interface can not be neither customized nor resized
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